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About the Alshaya Card

Introducing the Alshaya Card. Combining two great concepts in one simple piece of plastic, the Alshaya Card is our combined Gift Card and Refund Card. Now available in markets across the Middle East and North Africa (excluding KSA and Qatar, where 1) the Card can only be used as a Gift Card and 2) the Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash, nor can items purchased with the Gift Card be refunded for cash). The Alshaya Card is not only a great gift idea for friends and family, but it also offers a far more convenient way to receive refunds.

As a Gift Card
The Alshaya Card is the perfect way to treat people who love shopping, eating out or meeting up with friends. Topped up to the value of your choice, and presented in a stylish envelope, Alshaya gift cards are the ideal way for you to surprise friends, colleagues and loved ones. We’ve got a range of cards to choose from including the classic blue Alshaya Card and different special occasion gift cards, each with a different message These special gift cards are available in certain countries, please check in store for details.

The Alshaya Card can be used in all Alshaya stores, restaurants and cafes in the country of issue, so the cardholder can indulge in store and then relax and treat themselves to a wide variety of food and beverages. With so many brands to choose from the Alshaya Card opens up a world of treats. See in store leaflets for details.

Once topped up, the Alshaya Card is valid for 12 months and it can be topped up as many times as the card holder wishes for future spending sprees. They can spend as little or as much of the value as they wish at any time, and can check the card balance and validity in store or by calling our Customer Service hotline.

As a Refund Card
The Alshaya Card is not only the perfect gift for all occasions but also offers a far more flexible way to receive refunds. All cash refunds will be refunded in the form of an Alshaya Card to the value of the goods purchased. All our other refund terms and conditions remain the same. You can then spend the refunded amount at your leisure over the next 12 months in any of our stores in the country of issue, not just in the store where you bought the goods. For more details about our Exchange and Refund Policy please see in store.

Any questions

Where can I find the Alshaya Card?

The Alshaya Card is now active in Kuwait, the UAE, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco. In store displays will let you know where the Alshaya Card is accepted.

Where can I use my card?
Within the market of issue, the Alshaya Card is accepted in any Alshaya store, restaurant or cafe where you see the card displayed. Just remember that the card is valid for 12 months from the date of the last top up.

Where can I buy an Alshaya Card?
In all our stores, restaurants and cafes in the countries where the card has been launched. A growing number of brands also have dedicated cards including Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and Starbucks.

Can I spend my Alshaya Card in a different country from where I bought it?
No, you can only use the Alshaya Card in the country of issue - this is clearly shown on the front of the card.

Is there a time limit on the card?
Whether the card is issued for gift or refund purposes, its value is valid for 12 months from the date of the last top up. You can check the validity date at any time by checking in store or calling the Customer Service hotline using the numbers below. The number for Customer Service in the market of issue is also printed on the reverse of the card.

How do I know what value is stored on my Alshaya Card?
Any Alshaya store can do a balance enquiry on your card and each time you use your card you will receive a receipt showing your balance and the card’s validity date. You can also call the Customer Service hotline.

I have some Alshaya Gift Vouchers - can I still use them?
With effect from 1st November 2012, customers will be unable to use their Alshaya Gift Vouchers in any of our stores, restaurants or cafes. If you have any Alshaya vouchers, please contact our Customer Service team who will be able to advise you.

Alshaya Card Terms and Conditions
Please find below our full terms and conditions for the Alshaya Card

  1. The Alshaya Card is available in all Alshaya stores, restaurants or cafes which display the Alshaya Card.
  2. The Alshaya Card has no minimum or maximum limit.
  3. The Alshaya Card may only be used as a method of payment for goods in stores in the country of issue and in the local currency in which they are denominated.
  4. Alshaya Cards can be used to make customer refunds for retail purchases. Please refer to our Exchange and Refund Policies in store. Your local statutory rights are not affected.
  5. The Alshaya Card may not be redeemed for cash under any circumstances.
  6. The Alshaya Card has a validity of 12 months from the date the card was last topped up.
  7. If an item is purchased using the Alshaya Card the remaining balance and the Alshaya Card validity date will be shown on the receipt. This information can also be provided by our Customer Service team via the phone number provided on the card.
  8. The Alshaya Card balance, as reflected on the Alshaya Group of companies and its affiliated systems, will be conclusive and binding.
  9. The Alshaya Card cannot be used or transferred for any promotional, marketing or other commercial purposes without the prior written approval of Alshaya.
  10. The Alshaya group of companies does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for lost, damaged, stolen or any unauthorized use of these cards.
  11. Acceptance of the Alshaya Card constitutes acceptance of all of these terms and conditions, changes to which may be effected and published at any time.

If you have any further questions about the Alshaya Card please call our Customer Service team on one of the numbers below or you can simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our Contact Centre team is available on the numbers below:

  1. Kuwait: 182-12-12
  2. UAE: 800-74292
  3. KSA: 92000-2482
  4. Lebanon:01-757006
  5. Egypt: 02-24803822
  6. Jordan: 07-91600356
  7. Oman: 80074321
  8. Bahrain: 80001320
  9. Qatar: 8000-707
  10. Morocco: +2120522493747
  11. Other Countries: +965-182-12-12

Working Hours:Sunday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (Kuwait Local Time, GMT +3)