Pei Wei

Pei Wei Asian Diner is a quick-casual restaurant concept that serves freshly prepared, made to order, wok-seared, contemporary pan-Asian cuisine in a relaxing, warm environment with friendly, attentive and convenient counter and take-away services offering speed and flexibility. Pei Wei offers the same spirit of hospitality and commitment that has made our sister brand, P.F. Chang's Bistro, a success.

Pei Wei invites our guests to travel to a foreign destination just miles away from their home. A place where they can experience the unique and diverse flavors of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand or Vietnam, where fiery woks sear the day's freshest ingredients, locking in their most vibrant flavors. Japanese Teriyaki, Mandarin Kung Pao, Pad Thai and Spicy Korean, are only some of the Asian-inspired dishes featured in the menu.

Pei Wei is a convenient gateway to a little taste of the exotic, breaking from routine and partaking in a little flavor tourism. It is having an insatiable appetite for experiencing new cultures through the flavors, sights, and aromas of the unique and diverse food that play a critical role in the concept definition.

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